Invitation to Google Launchpad Accelerator for Developers in Sub-Saharan Africa 2017

Have you and your team always set out to address a real challenge for your home city, country and region? Would you like to join an elite community of startups from around the world?

Are you ready to scale your tech startup into a thriving, tech company by leveraging Google’s global More >

Unilag Postgraduate Hostel Balloting Exercise……still ongoing

I am very sure that by now many Postgraduate Students have tried to ballot to get a slot in any of the Postgraduate Hall namely, Erastus Akingbola and Henry Carr Hall. Students should ignore the “spaces occupied” option and keep trying as more spaces are still being allocated daily.

First of More >

Unilag Students’ Examination Dockets

Unilag Students Examination Docket can now be printed for first semester 2016/2017. This is available on the school site. Here is a step by step approach for printing as shown in the subheading below.


How to Print Unilag Students Examination Docket Step by Step:


Step 1:  Visit the Unilag student’s login page here


Step More >

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