How Unilag Foundation Candidates Can Get Our Detailed Entrance Past Questions and...

How Unilag Foundation Candidates Can Get Our Detailed Entrance Past Questions and Answers


Get the Most Updated Unilag Foundation (Diploma) Programme Past Questions & Answers Solved By Experienced Tutors Below

The foundation entrance examination is always in multiple choice format conducted based on five subjects for each discipline. English and Mathematics are compulsory for all departments and the remaining three core subjects are based on candidate’s course e.g candidate for Law-Maths,Eng,CRS/IRS,Lit&Gov. For Medicine,Maths,Eng,Phy,Chem&Bio. Barring any change in pattern, English Language is always 20 questions, Mathematics 20 questions and each of the three other core subjects would be 15 questions totaling 85 in all to be taken in 1 hour for the Foundation Entrance Examination. Last year’s testimonies from users were awesome, this year would surely be better.

*** Please note that we can also print a neat hard copy, bind and deliver to candidates anywhere in Nigeria using our Courier service on demand. The solution is in Pdf format, it also has video lectures for key subjects, formula and short refresher notes.

How To Order For The Sure Success Package (Exam Companion)

Step 1: Write out your registered subject combinations like this e.g Medicine – English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry & Physics

Step 1b (optional): You make any pre-payment clarification(s) by calling us on:  0803 214 5170 or chat us up on: 0809 832 1352 (Whatsapp)

Step 2: Pay a sum of N3,000 only to the account detail below:

Account Name: VeryMetrik Solutions Limited 

Account No.: 0164335470  

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank Plc.

Step 3:After payment send an SMS following the order below to 0803 214 5170 or e-mail to:


COURSE & SUBJECT: e.g MED-MAT,ENG,BIO,CHEM,PHY (continue the procedure after the “Sign Me Up” button below)

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We shall respond to you immediately we confirm payment and call you for any explanation where need be. The package would then be sent to your (candidate’s) mailbox immediately after confirmation. Be rest assured we (our team) have integrity and you are dealing with a corporate organisation as seen in our payment information so no cause to fear we would deliver on all our promises.

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Why You Must Get This Past Questions Solution Pack

We understand candidates’ challenges and as such assembled a team of experienced simplifying  tutors of minimum of 10 years teaching experience in A’ levels and Unilag Foundation to solve these questions in a simplified and explanatory way that even the dullest student would beat cut-off. We have also compiled short formulas and notes for Mathematics and English Language to refresh before solving past questions because past questions may be twisted in examination but if candidates understand the underlining principles they will always be good to go. This is in addition to explanatory topical videos (links) on all subjects core and non-core all in a bid to SIMPLIFY them.

When you order for it as above you get it delivered to your mail INSTANTLY once we confirm payment or transfer, in addition, we would then add you to our Foundation candidates’ group for examination and result(s) information, weekly tips, exam warm up CBT test and follow up FREE.

In all, candidates should be assured of success (money back guaranteed) once they study these materials even without any tutorial. Numerous testimonies abound of our former candidates who not only excel in the Foundation Entrance Examination but excel OUTSTANDINGLY from 2013 till date, we thank God for these impacts.

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